Monday, July 30, 2007

Feast Malaysia? Or Rather, Feast Australia?

Hello everybody.

I'm sure that you have noticed that the posts contradict with the name of this blog. Forgive me because I have spent a good number of years in Melbourne studying, cooking at home and eating out alternately. Thus, I've collected food photos based on Australia, not Malaysia.

In fact, I am going back to Melbourne very soon for personal reasons, just for a couple of months though.

So, for those who come here in the hope of viewing mouth-watering Malaysian dishes (which indeed they are - yummy!), I am sincerely sorry that it wouldnt be the case as I will keep posting more on Australian food as I have a vast number of photos and review that I would like to share with you!! I might throw in a couple of home-cooked food every now and then - part of being a student overseas is to learn how to cook because of being in a tight budget.

Hope you still enjoy reading my blog!

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