Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Camp Food - Lamb chops in the forest

Can't believe I am away for that long!! Been busy lately, lots of packing and day trips. Only 2 more weeks till I leave Melbourne to KL! In fact, my dogs are already in an airport awaiting for their flights to KL for the next day. Lucky dogs to be on a plane! Their tickets are not cheap, I must say, it totals up to A$2145 for both of them. Phiew. There goes my holiday trip to Italy.

Allright, back to the topic. Went bush camping at the Kooyoora State Park in Bendigo last weekend. It was hot and dry. Also, there were like gazillions of flies all around, which is the most annoying thing ever! I never knew that there could be so much flies! God damn!

I must say that the highlights of the trip for me would be the dinner and the trip to Melville Caves which was absolute gorgeous.

I freeze lamb chops the night before and by the time we were at the camp the next day, the lamb chops had defrosted nicely to be whacked on a pile of hot coals! I seasoned it with dried rosemary, salt and pepper. While it's cooking, it smelt amazing and guess what. It just attracted more flies. Ouch.

Turning around.

I wonder, why does camp food always tasted so much better than the same meals made at a kitchen? I swear to god, those were the best lamb chops I ever had. And I had many before that. It was so good.

Oh yah, the canned food was chilli beans with beef chunks. It was yummy but the lamb chops still wins in the taste factor hands down. Yee-haa!


backStreetGluttons said...

omg superb camp food pixs , our kind of paradise ! u r right ! welcome to the off Streets !

crushedguava said...

i'm quite sure that the surroundings play a part in making the meal nicer as well.

the same lamb chops, cooked exactly the same way back in the kitchen at home would still not taste the same as it would in the wilderness.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

its the charcoal?

yammylicious said...

aww ur lamb chop .. so forest ya?! hahax XD

teckiee said...

ahhh what is nicer than having lamb chops out in the open wilderness

Jackson said...

that's awesome!!! I wan some

teckiee said...

....i wonder where ginger is MIA'ing to?

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Anonymous said...

looks cool...the picture looks so inviting.

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